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Good templates available?


I have just installed Videoscribe and so far the Software seems very modern and I like that lots of graphics are included. However, are there any ready made scribes available?

Scribes that are tailored towards presenting a business for example?
I have a hard time to create something fancy myself from scratch so far.

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We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this includes our new templates feature. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition. 

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No :)

The more you practice, the better you will get at using Videoscribe. It's so much better to be you than to try and be someone else.

People who make scribes advertise their services on Animole.


This is fun to try but it is frustrating when you cannot recreate an effect seen on one of the tutorials. I understand the purpose of Animole but there should be an open forum when people can share scribes so we see how it works: the goal would be to see how this is done "technically". 

Hi Christopher,

Sorry you're frustrated.

Can you advise what effect you're trying to recreate, we should be able to assist.

just started using VS, posted my first scribe on youtube. Thanks it is a great tool. But it is indeed quite surprising that, of all presentation softwares, you do not provide basic templates to start with. It would be so easy, with mock text and pictos.... There is not that many possible, in the end. I have developed my own first one and will reuse it, just replacing text and objects and timing according to the subject I will deal with. Which could make  projects a little faster (I run VS on a computer with enough power but it is soooooo slow... and crashes one out of 3 renderings although I follow your good advice).  Offering templates would also compensate for the lack of info on your software (like a comprehensive help, that we can flip through easily and would explain the matrix of it all). thanks


We do have some seasonal templates available to download but we really want to avoid work made in VideoScribe becoming predictable so have avoided generic templates. That said if people find something useful and want to share it with others you can export your templates and put them on the forum. 

With regards the crashing issue would be happy to take a look a one of those scribes in more detail for you and see if I can identify an issue?

I'm with Azad, Christophe, and Taty.  Having templates with basic concepts built in, like fades, vanishes, use of perspective, zoom, and other creative techniques will ENHANCE your customer's unique abilities and usage.  Not make whiteboarding predictable.  You should be doing everything possible to make your customer's lives easier.  Not trying to control the world.

Hello - is there no way of saving my own work as a template? I want to make a series of videos that all having matching opening scenes and then follow the same style. If this isn't possible I won't be paying for a subscription as the software isn't very user friendly.

1) open your scribe.
2) delete any parts that you don't want to include in the template.
3) save a copy with a new name, maybe "template...something".

4) each time you open it and use it, just save the new project with a new name so you don't over-write your template.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you so much Mike! I hadn't realised that it would create a new copy if I saved it with different details. 

You're welcome.
I'm going to amend my previous suggestion and say that you should
1) open your scribe and then
2) immediately save it with a new name and close it... then
3) make sure both versions are present... and then
4) open the new one and edit it.

I believe that as long as you save in the same folder as the previous saved file, a new name will make a new file.

important note: The weird thing is.. I THINK... if you save in a different folder (if you make a new folder for example, and then save the file in it...) videoscribe actually just moves your old scribe to the new folder and then overwrites it.
It's been a while since I experimented with that, so I'm not sure.  As a rule I just save everything in the base folder to avoid problems.

another tip: you can sort the projects in the base folder either by "newest first", "oldest first" or "by name" so if you want to keep your templates first, you could name them with a "1" or an "a" at the beginning of the file name to keep them alphabetically near the top of the list.  (for example, file names like "1 template lectures". "1 template recipes", "1 template holidays")

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Appreciate this is an old post but we have templates coming up in the next version of VideoScribe and have created a forum looking for things you would like to see included. If this is still something you have an active interest in feel free to contribute via the link below.

What templates would you like to see?


We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this includes our new templates feature. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition. 

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