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importing into iMovie

Im trying to import my scribe into iMovie but whenever I go to iMovie it's not clickable like i can't import it. How do i do this? Its saving as .scribe and i tried saving it in my documents and in movies and nothing works.

A .scribe file is a work file (not a video)

export your scribe as an MOV or WMV or FLV (whichever iMovie will accept)

Be sure to watch the tutorial videos or read the tutorial PDFs for basic usage instructions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike could you be a bit more detailed with the help please. Morgan is asking how.  We all know imovie would need file the question was HOW do you export a videoscribe as a .mov.  Can you list some simple steps please. Thanks Andrew

1) You should watch the tutorial videos on the INSTANT ANSWERS page for a lot of basic information about using videoscribe.

2) To render an MOV video, you have to have an active paying membership. Free accounts cannot render video files. They can only publish video to youtube, facebook amd powerpoint files.

3) To publish a video with a paying membership, instead of clicking the save icon in the upper left corner, click the publish/render icon in the upper right corner

then select your save options and click the check mark to render the video.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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