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Visual syncing of audio and video

I noticed there is no way to visually sync my audio track with the video. In my opinion, this is keeping VideoScribe from going from a good ap to a BRILLIANT one. To be able to visually sync my elements to my audio is a must. Right now, we are just guessing. There is a LOT of rework that has to be done to get it to lock in. 

If anyone knows a work-around for this, could you post it here?


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Maybe I am not using the product correctly, but I spent a lot of time trying to sync video accurately to a music sound track.  It is difficult to arrange transitions dead on a beat, but I found it harder than anticipated using videoscribe.   

These are some of the observations I made:

1  there is clearly something I do not understand about transitions because adding the scribe, pause, and transition times do not correspond to the time interval in a song (large difference) as measured in iTunes

2  Playing the same videoscribe can give variable sound and audio syncing; in other words, even making no change in the file, just playing it again, gave slight differences in the degree to which the audio and video was out of sync.  I experimented with saving to the local drive and to the cloud (may make a very small difference to save to local drive), switching on the loop function even though the audio track is too long to loop (no perceptible difference).  Variability of audio/video sync is smaller, but perceptible if the video is started at the very beginning.  Starting half way through the video gives a huge difference.

Perhaps the intention is to get the audio and video close in videoscribe, then perfect it by exporting to another app (iMovie)?  Or could it be that other activity on my computer influences the syncing somehow?  Or perhaps I am just making a silly mistake?  Any advice please?

Unacceptable that there is no visual audio syncing facility. The voice narration has the worst possible support. How in the world the product is surviving? I cannot understand. If voice narrations have no good solution then its a failed product. Crap.

Yeah, this is really frustrating :-|

May have to scrap my idea of using this software for my MBA assignment presentation & get my money back. 

Paid the full year's subscription, but luckily still in a 14d trial period. 

And why is VideoScribe official support not suggesting some helpful ways to to this??! They're strangely quiet on this topic

I have been doing some research into the possible causes of audio not being in synch with the visuals and the synchronisation being different depending on where you play the scribe from.

It seems as though the sample rate of the audio file affects synchronisation when playing back in VideoScribe. If the sample rate is below 44100Hz the audio timings can be thrown out of synch with the visuals.

If an audio file is resampled at 44100Hz and re-added into VideoScribe this can resolve the issue.

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