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Importing animations

Can you import an animated sequence into videoscribe? Could videoscribe draw the first frame of an animated sequence then let the animation run? For instance, draw an earth globe, then the earth globe animation continues to 'spin' ? Can only 'static' images be drawn?

If this cannot be done presently, are there any plans to make such a feature available?

many thanks



You can import animated gifs and videoscribe will draw SVG, jpg and png images.

related topic: -using-animated-gifs

watch all of the videoscribe tutorials and you may be able to figure out how to do what you want.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks - that's perfect :)


Hi Graeme,

Did you figure out how to do the loo you wanted?

Appreciate your help,

Well, kind of. Because you can import animated GIF files and control how they play, then you could achieve a 'workaround' by using an image of the first frame of the animation, draw this image on, then play the animated GIF immediately afterward on top of the drawn image.

Hope this helps


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