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Inkscape Image imports off center into Videoscribe

I'd like my Inkscape images to import, into Videoscribe, so the image is "centered" in the active area. Active area = the square border area with handles around the image.

However, when I import my  Inkscape image into Videoscribe the image is located OFF center in the upper/center of the active area. This leaves a large unsymmetrical active area around the image. So the image does not position and preview well in the Videoscribe

I've gone back into Inkscape and attempted editing the format size to fit the image or removed the format page entirely. No luck, the image still imports in Videoscribe off center in the upper portion of the active area.

Has anyone else experienced this? How did you get your Inkscape image to import "centered" into Videoscribe?

1) the artboard in illustrator has no bearing on how an element displays in videoscribe
2) paths and clipping paths and embedded images (including non-visible parts) are all considered by videoscribe to be part of the image. videoscribes positions your imported image based on those parts of the SVG.
3) I'd recommend deleting any hidden parts and not using clipping paths or clipping masks
4) attach the SVG for specific feedback.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

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