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Invisible Square in Illustrator

 I'm using AI CS6. I'm not sure if there is a bug in Video Scribe or if I'm doing something wrong.

My goal is to create an invisible square for a larger project. I know there may be ways around this.  I don't want to get into the details of the project as a whole since it would take pages to explain. I need to use Illustrator to create the invisible square. Below I explain the steps used with 3 attachments.

1.png attachment shows you me creating the square in Illustrator

2.png attachment shows  me setting the Fill and Outline in Illustrator to No Fill  and No Outline (I save and name it square.svg)

3.png attachment shows you the imported square.svg into Video Scribe I created with No Fill and No outline, yet an outline still shows in Video Scribe. 

Am I doing something wrong in Illustrator or Video Scribe?

Is this a Video Scribe bug?

Hopefully someone has one and a possible solution. Again, I can only create the square in Illustrator.


I know some will suggest to create the square in video scribe or to set the opacity of the square to 0 in video scribe, etc. Again, I can't because of the overall project complexity and to explain the project would take pages.

I have to be able to create the invisible square without any fill and outline in Illustrator, save it and import it into Video Scribe showing No Fill (No Fill seems to work) and No Outline (Outline doesn't work, it still shows in Video Scribe even though created with No Outline in illustrator)

Any help, thoughts, feedback, etc would be appreciated be it from Sparkol, other members or both. The more info I have, the better.




3.png 3.png
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2.png 2.png
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1.png 1.png
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1) in general attach the SVG if you need help with it.
2) yeah I would consider it a bug. Here's a trick/solution: on a square/rectangular element with no stroke, if your corner nodes have handles and the corners are not perfect 90 degree angles that may prevent the unwanted edges from showing.
3) using a circle or ellipse instead of a rectangle may also work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike

 So it has to do with the angle of the nodes............if that is the case I can figure it out.


Any other input would still be appreciated.


I think I've observed that absolute squares and rectangles with perfect 90 degree angle corners sometimes show a border or outline when there should be none. This includes SVGs and png and jpg images in some cases I think.


Hey Mike

Thanks again for your help. Once you explained the possible problem, the solution was to use the rounded square -- no borders.

Thanks again


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