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Morph not working

I have recently downloaded VS 2.1.2 and I can no longer select morph as an option.


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The free ipad/iphone app has fewer features than the computer version. I don't tbelieve the free app includes a morph feature.

If you are using VideoScribe on a computer, the dropdown list in your screenshot that currently says "Draw" also contains the morph and move-in options.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I just purchased VideoScribe this morning and I don't see "Morph"

as an option in Image Properties > Drawing Options.



The morph option will never be available for the first image in the timeline. Morphing requires at least one image earlier in the timeline to morph from.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Ok Morph is not working at all, even with a 2, 3rd 4th image, since I downloaded the last version, morph is gone! I'm using windows 8 and never had a proplem before...

It's not gone,

In the "Drawing Options" tab, click the dropdown menu and use the scroll bar on the right side of the dropdown menu to see all of the options.

Otherwise please provide a screenshot showing the missing option.

Request for customer support/programmers: make the menu long enough to show all the options without scrolling.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)

Print Screen


ok made an update and it's back! Yeahh!! 


Great! Thanks for sharing your results.

Hi, I seem to have the same problem. Must be doing something wrong. It regards the second 'SUN' image. Pulldown menu only provides draw and move in. I just became a member yesterday and was trying some stuff. Scolling down the pulldown menu doesn't seem te be an option. Screenshot attached. Thanx in advance!


I don't think you can morph a GIF image. Please try SVG images.

Yes, that is a GIF images and you cannot use the morph feature on GIFs.

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