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What happened to the eraser?

I can no longer find the eraser in hand elements after the latest update. What am I missing? Where should I look?

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Hi Richard,

the hands are now arranged into folders.

If you click into one of the named folders you should find that in most of them there is a hand holding an eraser.


Where is the eraser for the default hand? I don't see it on the initial page or in any of the folders (very tedious process looking in every folder and I may have missed it).

I would like to see the eraser hands in one folder or allow text searches of hands. If I'm looking for an eraser why not narrow the search to one folder?

Hi Ray, thanks for your suggestion.

Please add any request to the Ideas and Feature request section of the community, this way people will have the ability to vote on the Ideas they like best.

Please also add one Idea per post so it is clear what the community are voting for.

how do you get the hand holding the eraser to actually erase items?

To make it seem to erase something, you make it "Draw" a white scribble over the other element.
I think that the white scribble is the last image in the SHAPES library.
You could also find a white square on the web somewhere or make an SVG image.

(If your background color is a color other than white, you need to use a scribble or color shape that matches the background color)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If you search "scribble out" you'll find a white blob that you can place over the items you want to erase and the SVG line mappings on that are designed to make it look like it's being rubbed out

Things haven't changed much since 2015. I still can't find an "eraser hand" for the default hand. Where is it?

We don't have one. The default hand just holds a Sharpie with a left or right-handed option. We have 13 different hand profiles available with a full range of pens and you can make one of those your project's default and then use the eraser from that pack if you would like a consistent hand throughout your project

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