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Download hand?

Is it possible to download any of the hands? I am wanting to edit the color of a marker in one of them to match a logo.  I know I can upload my own hand but would rather not go through the hassle if I don't have to.


It is not currently possible to download the hands from VideoScribe.

Import your own hand

This is a huge issue!! I want to make a scribe with several colors, and having to import many pictures of a new hand would be obviated if we could modify the hands already available.

Using a black sharpie to make a red line is not an option for my client, and using a different hand with a red marker is not either. They want consistency and continuity throughout the animation.

What would it take to make these available? A few minutes in Photoshop is preferable to several hours lighting, photographing, Photoshopping, testing, etc.



Hi Mark,

If you are using the default hand you can automatically change the pen colour tip by setting the colour of an item via images properties.

Although it will not be a perfect shade match, it will change the tip of the pen colour.

To get the perfect shade, I would suggest you create the custom hand images as Matt suggested.

If you are using coloured text it is simple enough, change the colour of the text and if you have the default hand selected, the colour of the pen tip will change.

You can do the same with images although a couple more steps are needed.

Add the desired image, go into image properties, change the image from full colour to outline, then change the outline colour.

Once you have done this, change the image back to full colour and press the tick to save the changes.

I have attached a video demo to show you how to do this.

I always forget about that feature and it is really a neat one! It might make a good topic for the Instant Answer page.


Good Idea Mike.

Joe that Was A secret of how to change the default scribe hand color. Thank You Joe!

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