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Videoscribe troubleshooting

Every time I click the music icon to add background music, it gets stuck loading and I can't refresh or the scribe is lost

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Hi Tevin, sorry you have this issue.

Are you connected to the internet when using VideoScribe?

Has this issue always happened or has it just started happening recently? If it has started happening recently when did it start?

Is the issue resolved after restarting your computer and turning your router off for 30 seconds?

This has happened recently, and my internet connection works well. I did not save my scribe before I clicked to add music, so restarting loses my whole scribe.

Hi Tevin. The account that you have submitted this ticket under is a free trial account and the free trial has expired. If you have a Pro account that you are logging in to VideoScribe with please log in to our help site using those credentials and submit a support ticket.

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