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Help with scaling

Im producing my first video scribe fora client but I'm having difficulty with scale. Im creating an overall scenario where items are at different scales and the end result is an overview of the whole scene but the issue is that some of the elements do not render at this level and either disappear or are rendered as a block?

All elements were generated using illustrator and imported as .svg files at the same scale. To increase the scale on all elements would take ages so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on this?

This is an issue with VideoScribe that we are trying to fix where images can disappear or change colour at certain zoom levels.

In the meantime, a possible workaround, if you are able, is to

-take the image out to an SVG editor (like Adobe illustrator or Inkscape) (for library images this is done by putting the image on the canvas then right-clicking and choosing 'export to SVG)

-with the pencil, draw a large circle around the outside of the image (I mean BIG!), setting the point size to zero (so that it doesn't get drawn)

-save and import to VideoScribe

This will make the image import a lot smaller with a massive invisible border, but it can be resized to whatever you want and when you zoom out the actual image remains.

Hi Matthew: 

Ive just come across this problem, and cant get your workaround to work fully. In Inkscape when I set the outer circle stroke style to 0.00pts, it is invisible in Inkscape, but when I import it into VS, it reappears.

My even more elaborate solution, is (using the iPad svg drawing app Concepts) to add a small, fully transparent dot some distance from the image. Then I set the animate speed to very quick and while the dot does gets drawn, its so fast, its not really obvious. 

I was playing around with setting up my 'canvas' at different scaling ranges. I always add in some corner markers for my working canvas on these 'infinite' canvases (Ive had lots of experience dealing with same probs with Prezi) and I need about six times zoom in the presentation as a whole. I noticed that the disappearing effect did not seems quite as bad if I set the full canvas scale at 10% (which means my max zoom will be 60%) than if I set the full canvas sale at 100% (with max zoom thus at 600%). Does that sound right or am I just imagining it?


I've drawn a circle around a image as per Matt's instructions and done that in Inkscape and don't get any lines. I have attached the example so you can see the settings used.

In our experience I would actually expect the issue to be worse at 10%-60% as that is closer to extreme zoom that 100%-600%. We would recommend staying within the 10%-1000% rage for the best results but obviously the closer to 100% the better.



Just an FYI the render issue with Zoom is a memory one as zoom greatly increases the memory used to play an image. Therefore a more complex image with more extreme zoom is more likely to cause an issue than a simple image with the same zoom level

Thanks very much Barry for your helpful advice. I had been drawing my circle with the pencil tool. but when I used the Circle tool like you did, then it all worked fine. Thats good to know about the memory issues - will keep that in mind. Have a great day! 

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