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Best Font

 Recently I had to do a clean uninstall of Video Scribe and reinstall to solve an issue.

In doing so, I lost all the fonts that I imported into Video Scribe. Now all I have is the default fonts.

As you may know, it can take some time to figure out what imported fonts work best with Video Scribe. It is a matter of trial and error.

I would appreciate if you would share the name of the Fonts you found that work best with Video Scribe. If you have a download link to the Font, even better, but if you at least provide the name of the Font I can google it.

Thanks in advance for sharing


Still using 1.3.26

Yes! I would love some font advice, as am finding most fonts (except for Basic, Script, Block and Outline) blur when zoomed in. Please help!

I use "Paytime With Hot Toddies" font for my courses. 

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