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Intersecting lines appearing in Videoscribe from Inkscape imports

Hi All,

I've searched the forum and same issue has been solved before in Illustrator but not Inkscape as far as I can see.

Please see the attached - first screenshot shows the intersection points appearing before the lines that cross the horizontal are drawn. Second screenshot shows completed scribe.

All help very gratefully received.



I'm still having this happen...was wondering if anyone figured out what was causing it and/or the perfect setting combination to make it not happened when it's imported into Videoscribe.

I'm also using Inkscape - when I sent the Pencil's stroke size to 1, it draws correctly. But any size bigger (like, say 10px, which seems to fit a "sharpie" kinda look), it reveals the strokes around the image (which, chronologically have not been drawn yet). Here's my example:

The scribbles are hair that I drew well after the outline of the head. I'm going to try using the file above as a starting point and see if it makes a difference.

Read my previous replies which describe why it happens and how to fix it.

Download an older version of inkscape. (0.48.5)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I did see that, however, I'm not sure that I agree that downloading an older version of the application is a long term solution - especially for those who don't stumble across this help thread. Since the issue is on Inkscape's end, it's not like Sparkol can fix it. Was just wondering if there was another work around.

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