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urgent urgent urgent

hello, i got free trial, i started my presentation, is almost finished and programe does not open anymore. I have to present it tuesday. i installed and reinstalled adobe air i worked all yesterday. and today its jus day 2.its does not work.and i might buy mothly but how do i know that i wont have problems like this????

i can buy NOW, but tell me what it is. if i wont present my presentation on tuesday i could get fired..

I really hope you can help quickly...I have no time to make new..

1) Do you mean to say that the program won't run or do you mean the program runs but the scribe won't open?

2) How are you trying to open the program or the scribe? (you can't just double-click a scribe file to open the program, for example.)

3) Have you tried rebooting your computer and restarting videoscribe?

4) If that doesn't work, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program?
link to instant answers about uninstalling and reinstalling

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If you have tried these things and still cannot get VideoScribe to work, please raise a support ticket.

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