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Fill artifacts around stroke

I have a drawing that was created in Illustrator with the pencil tool and the basic stroke.  I created paths behind the strokes to create fill of a different color to color the item in.  When drawn out in video scribe not only do the strokes draw but also the edges of the colored fill behind them and then the entire item colors in as it is supposed to.  Why are the edges of the strokes bleeding the color that is suppose to draw in later?  Make sense?

VideoScribe uses the stroke of the SVG as the outline of the image for the hand to follow. A mask is applied and as the hand moves over the image, following the strokes, the image is revealed. If there are parts of the image where the outline and some colour are in close proximity then some of the colour is revealed as well as the line. The way to avoid this is to keep the strokes that reveal the colour fill away from the strokes that are the outline.

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 Hi Big Life,

Matthew's links and reply will probably get you sorted out, but if you still have a problem, a screenshot might make the description of the problem clearer. Attaching the SVG to your next reply would also be advisable.

Mike (videoscribe user)

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