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1920x1080 HD Renders - Video Codec

As you are aware ( and I am now, too!) the free trial does not allow rendering a video file in 1920x1080 HD format.

I am researching your platform for a client and curious to know what codec VideoScribe exports these HD videos in. And, more importantly the overall 'HD' quality of the rendered exports.



Hi Kathleen,

Here is the Codec information for the three video file types that scribes can be rendered to in VideoScribe.




The quality of the rendered HD videos will depend on the quality of the images that are used in VideoScribe and the default image quality setting used when importing those images.

VideoScribe version 2 has a default image quality setting for all images. You can change the default by selecting the 'Settings' (cog) icon on the project screen. 

Please be aware that if you change the default settings, these changes will only apply to images that were imported after this change. 

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