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Unable to upload scribe to Youtube

I've been trying to upload a scribe on Youtube but I'm getting this message:

I am not able to see how much video is uploaded. It's just stuck here! What should I do next? This video is really urgent, please help!

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When you are on the screen where the video is uploading to YouTube, open 'Windows Task Manager' and check to see if the VideoScribe.exe application is using the network. If so then the upload is happening. It may take a while for the video to upload depending on the internet connection.

I am getting the following error - despite of crating channel on youtube. I checked my YouTube account and there are four time videos uploaded. But when I click on play there is nothing..

VideoScribe ScreenShot

Youtube ScreenShot

Please note: I am using a trail version at the moment. 

Please save your work to the cloud folder so customer support can look at it.
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dear Mike,

It is saved on cloud. Email id 

They'll probably get back to you tomorrow when their office opens. You may also want to click "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page and raise a customer support ticket

(mike<--- videoscribe user. not customer support)


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