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Is it possible to print out a Canvas? (RR-634)

So I have my new video scribe out in public. And people are happy with it.

I have been asked whether I can print the Canvas out as the way I have done my scribe is a vouice over on a flow diagram. People want a copy of the flow diagram.

Is this possible? I couldn't find a way. And it won't let me cut and paste into Visio for example to do a print in that.



in videoscribe, you can click the "fit to screen" icon in the lower left corner of the canvas and then press the "print screen" button on your keyboard and then open gimp or paint and paste the image into a new document.

You would probably want to have your screen resolution set pretty high to get a pretty high resolution screenshot. and you will probably want to crop off everything but the flowchart.

Or you can render the video, with "zoom-at-end" enabled and then play back the video in a video player at full-screen size, and pause it at the end when everything is zoomed out and take a screenshot of that.

there is also an option to export your scribe as a pdf  i think, but I haven't tried it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, saving as a PDF creates a snapshot of the canvas zoomed out with all elements in view on a single page.

sorry, but i can`t find the option to export my Scribe as a PDF, could you help me?

PDF or other option in order to print the final canvas


The PDF export option was removed from version 3 of VideoScribe due to it not being a very popular feature and the fact that the image in the exported PDF was not of high quality. We would definitely consider replacing the feature if there is demand and this has been raised with our development team.

What may help with the decision as to whether it will be reinstated would be if you could let us know what you use the PDF export feature for. How is it useful for you?

We also may be able to improve the feature if it is decided it will be replaced so if you have any ideas of how it could/should work, please let us know as well and I will add this to the development report.

Hi, I have a simliar requirement to export the final drawing to be printed in a A4 page. 

What I need to do is to create a videoscribe that draws an explanation video, and the end result will be a drawing that occupies an A4 page. I need to export this drawing at this A4 size to allow users to use this as a reference page for the process being described in the explainer.

Hi Fernando, I would suggest rendering your scribe as a PNG or JPEG sequence. This is an option when you go to publish your scribe in the download options. Make sure that "Zoom at End" is selected, and then you will be able to get a PNG or JPEG image of your end scribe. 

Hi Hayley, I am trying to follow your instructions about how to get a PNG or JPEG image of my end scribe. Please explain your second sentence: "when you go to publish your scribe in the download options." I find an "Export to File" option, but no "download options."  Export to File only allows me to export it as a .scribe.  

Hi Doug, 

Sounds like you're pressing the save option instead of download option. 

In the right top corner,  select the option with the three connected dots (it is the download or publish scribe option), then select download video, where in the drop down menu, you can select image sequence (as a PNG or JPG). 

I've downloaded scenes of my Scribe to create a storyboard that I present to my stakeholder/customer. Once I get the camera view in VideoScribe on my screen, I capture it in a program called SnagIt. Then I copy the SnagIt image to my clipboard and paste it into PowerPoint. Each VideoScribe scene is a new slide in PowerPoint. Then I add my verbal script to the notes on each slide. From PowerPoint I save it as a PDF. Now, I have a complete storyboard to present. SnagIt also allows you to save the image as a picture image so it can be used in any document. I've done that to create a thumbnail when I've uploaded the video into other platforms (for example, Learning Management Systems).

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