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File will not export to .mov or the VS cloud

I am new to Video Scribe using Pro version on a Mac. I created a file and it would not export to a .mov. I read where if you had too many large files or too many camera shots the file would not render to a .mov, so I replaced many pictures with smaller files, and I removed many camera shots. The file would still not render. I then removed many frames using the "cut" feature. I removed frames in stages and tried to render the file after cutting it down severe times. I eventually cut it to one frame just to see what would happen, and it would not render even one frame. Also, I can't load this file to the cloud. Also, when I export the file to an external hard drive and try to open it using Video Scribe, I am taken to the page in VS where other files are listed and it will not open the file. Thanks for your help.  

If you exported a.scribe file, you could upload it here. Hopefully support or someone can look at it monday

try saving a copy of the scribe with a new name, restarting videoscribe and then rendering the new one.

 "too many camera shots" isn't necessarily a problem, its more about excessive zoom settings like more than about 1000% or less than about 20% or spreading the elements too far apart (or  various other problems).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I was able to diagnose the problem. It was with the audio file. I took off the audio and solved the rendering problem. I am now experimenting with why the audio file is causing a problem. The audio file is 32 MB. I successfully rendered a scribe that had a 26MB file. Any ideas? 

I figured it out. The audio file was too large. I split the scribe and audio into two parts and it worked great. I will now attempt to join the two parts with iMovie. 

Hi Steve, 

May I ask you how you split the scribe? Did you create two different ones or successfully found a way to split it. I don't want to lose the fluidity of the music and audio. 

Many thanks!

Acabo de comprar la versión de VideoScribe de 29 dólares y no puedo exportar a MOV. Qué debo hacer?

Hola César,

¿Qué sucede cuando intenta exportar como MOV?

¿Ves mensajes de error?

Puede guardar el escriba en su directorio en línea (icono de la nube) y háganos saber el nombre para que podamos echar un vistazo.

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