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Base hand selection

When i select a new base hand, e. g. Rosie, i get the same hand for moving and drawing, but i want to select different ones from Rosie for the two activities. How can this be achieved?

1) Select one hand (like the drawing hand) for the whole scribe using the method you used ( by clicking the hand icon at the top of the screen).

2) Then to use a different hand (such as the moving hand) for individual elements, view the properties of that element and click the hand icon in the properties menu.

The process is discussed in video tutorial 4 and the accompanying PDF worksheet: videoscribe version 2 video tutorial 4 and PDF

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike. This helps.

Thanks Mike, this helps.

This is not how the factory default works, which works wonderfully if you want that hand (which sometimes I don't) - if only we could change just the moving and/or .  There is one hand selected for moving and one for drawing, and it is a royal pain in the neck if you have 40 elements with half moving and half drawing as was the case with my last animation.

Please let us select different default hands for moving vs. drawing.  The capability is built in since the factory defaults work that way so ... we just need 2 separate hooks into those image placeholders instead of just 1 hook, right?  So it's just a front end change ...relatively easy compared to most recommended features, yes?  And would have saved me about 20 minutes on my last project.  Seems like high-value low-hanging fruit.

David, I can see what you mean... If you want to create this on the feature request forum I'll certainly give it a vote for you!

Ah.... next forum I read is you posting it as a feature request... great minds and all that!

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