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What device is needed to draw your own images?

In order to be able to use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape for your drawings (neither of which I have previously used) I guess I will need a graphic tablet or some equivalent device to be able to create the image freehand before uploading to Inkscape - is that right?


If so, any cheap but reliable ones anyone could recommend asI have a very limited budget for this project.

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You could draw some really basic shapes with a mouse but the options and outcome is limited and not very pleasing to look at. To be able to keep the feel of drawing and the outcome - analog-ish, I'd highly recommend getting a pen tablet (several of which are in the market). Using this make the whole image-creation process very easy, fast, and natural. What I like most about using a pen tablet to write and draw is the outcome though, and perfect for a scribe video. I use the One by Wacom - medium. Its super easy, does not cost too much and I've started using it doing more than drawing on the PC. Inkscape is fairly easy to use as well. Plenty of tutorials online. All in all I'd suggest that if your going to be making more than just 4- 5 videos, want to produce work fast, and keep the quality of the videos consistent and good -  you may want to invest the time and effort to get one of these tools and learn how to use it. The Wacom One series tablets are fairly cheap. You can check their site/pricing out at


Thanks Malcolm. Very helpful.  I was actually looking at Wacom One tablets so great that that is also your advice!


Do you need to be a great cartoon artist to use the tablet?

The idea behind the tablet is for it to be closer (than a mouse) to drawing with a pen on paper.  So your tablet art should be similar to what you can draw, copy or trace.

However, keep in mind that there is a learning curve for the tablet and for the software. They can both be frustrating until you understand how they work.  Start with simple drawings.

you can find many threads on various forums about using tablets:
also search for tablets on to read lots of user reviews

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Thanks for the response. I'm not an artist at all, so will this tablet help me draw images for videoscribe? I really want my own custom scenes but habe limited drawing ability.
Can i directly write by digital pen on videoscribe.I want to write math characters like + - square root sign.So how to write by electronic pen on my videoscribe video
You cannot draw directly into videoscribe. You can make SVG images using various vector programs such as adobe illustrator or inkscape (free at

The simplest method for making SVG images that work well in videoscribe, is to use the pen or pencil tool in inkscape or illustrator to make basic stroked paths and then save as> SVG

More detailed information can be seen in guides and tutorials on the INSTANT ANSWERS page of this website, or on youtube, or various other threads such as:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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