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Keeping up with Adobe CS

 As a user of VideoScribe for years now, I've put up with the nuances, bugs, and workarounds. What's challenging now is that with every new version upgrade of VS, it seems that compatibility and features are not tested to align with Adobe CS upgrades. This compounds the number of bugs and workarounds to the point that every function I try (e.g., placing an .svg from the latest AI doesn't display or draw correctly) is like going down a rabbit hole to find the answer and yet another workaround.

When releasing a new version, in addition to adding new features. Can you please ensure that the existing features either function properly (improved) or the way they did previously?

I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to depend on this software to make my deadlines due to the number of workarounds I have to make for what should be a typical function of the software.

Thank you for your consideration.


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