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How to avoid line thickening

Hello everyone,

I read through many different threads and it seems that many people are facing this problem, yet none of the suggestions helped me solve it.

It happens with many objects, that when I try to draw them the outer line is thickened after the image is drawn.

For instance, this simple object provided by VideoScribe always gets thicker after it's done drawing:

I import it in very high quality and the problem remains.

Any suggestions?



I don't think there is currently away to get rid of the problem completely. Thicker strokes may show the problem less than thinner strokes.

If you are using Adobe Illustrator CC to make your SVGs then you may get a worse version of the symptom. Related thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike,

This file is given by Sparkol so I haven't created it at all.

It seems odd that there is no workaround as Sparkol's videos (like the one in don't have this problem and appear perfectly right. How is that done?

Thanks again,


I am having this issue as well, and it appears to be random. One instant it will draw in well, that next it won't.

I'm having the same issue in CC, just bought this software for a client project, now not sure if I should do it in After Effects or if there's any solutions for hacking Creative Cloud to ensure the line issue doesn't occur on SVG. Can I use PNG and the paths somehow to reveal PNG?

Be aware that there are two issues regarding line thickening:

1) SVGs made with any version of ANY vector software MAY show a little bit of thickening immediately after the drawing finishes. Sometimes is is very noticeable but not always. I haven't thoroughly tested all of the suggested solutions which include: set your stroke size to pixels instead of points, use thicker stroke size, possibly use a single stroke size, use a document size of 1024x768 or other 16:9 ratio size,

2) An additional problem in Illustrator version CC (or newer) and probably also in newer versions of Inkscape. is that the new pen and pencil tools cause strokes to appear thinner than their actual stroke size with visible thickening every place where lines intersect while being drawn. The only solution that I am sure will work for that is to use an older version of illustrator or inkscape to resave the SVG. I don't have CC so I can't test other save settings in CC.

example video:


image 1: (from a previous thread) original SVG made in Illustrator CC 2104

image 2: Same SVG opened and re-saved in Illustrator CS4

image 3: 3 copies of the same stroked path with different stroke sizes saved in CS4

Mike (videoscribe user)



It would be hard for us to comment on each of these images without taking a look at the .SVG file itself and ideally the scribe as well. If you raise a ticket with the support team and attach your scribe and SVG file to the ticket we will take a look and respond to each of you individually.



Thanks I've been using CC 2015, then I tried CS6 and CS3, CS3 slightly better but not good enough for client expectations really. Attached an svg from CS3 and also the Scribe file. Thanks for any help appreciate it.

sign.svg sign.svg
7.95 KB

Stephen, I've transferred the files into a ticket, we'll take a look as soon as we can and get back to you

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