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SVG doesn't draw well

Hello VideoScribe community,

I've read a few threads here and tried some things proposed (like ungrouping with Inkscape), and yet I can't seem to make Videoscribe draw my SVG correctly.

I am uploading the file as it's a bit hard to explain. I'd be happy with any suggestions.


Test.svg Test.svg
13.8 KB
All of your lines are filled outlines instead of stroked paths. 

When you make an SVG, manually draw your image using the pencil tool or the pen tool to make stroked paths instead of fills.

or you can import a jpg or a png image and select one of videoscribes style options to "draw" it

related links:

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fill-an-image-with-colour-using-the pencil tool (or "draw" a jpg)


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike,

I've tried converting from PNG but it doesn't yield the required result.

I'll look through all your links.

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