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Can't Move Elements

Hi, I'm currently using the trackpad on my Macbook Pro laptop. Whenever I try to move elements, only the canvas moves. I can't move the elements at all. I have a deadline so please help!!

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Hey Mike Metcalf, No, i dont use a Mac. I use Windows 7

Have you read the previous replies, saved your project online, and raised a ticket? 

If the suggestions in the previous replies do not solve your problem, you should probably save your project online, and raise a ticket.

Hello Admin, Iam creating a new video on video scribe but I am unable to move canvas. Right now, all my elements are on one canvas. I have tried using the arrow buttons at the bottom but nothing works. Please help.


I'm not a videoscribe employee but I'll try to help.

Are you using the browser version of videoscribe, or a phone version or the desktop computer application? I am only familiar with the desktop program, so I will be discussing that version below.

In order to move your whole canvas with everything on it, you must first deselect any selected elements, otherwise, when you press the arrow keys on your keyboard or click the arrow buttons in the program, you will only move the selected elements and not the whole canvas. If you have an element selected that is not in the part of the canvas that you can currently view, it can be easy to accidentally use the arrows to move that element outside of the viewable area of the canvas without realizing it.

(If an element is selected, its thumbnail will be highlighted in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can deselect everything by clicking on any empty area of the canvas that is not overlapped by any elements or by the bounding boxes of any elements.)

Does videoscribe seem to still be working other than the problem of not being able to move the canvas?

If this reply does not help you identify and resolve your problem, you may want to click the "Your Tickets" link to raise a ticket to seek help from customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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