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Kerning!! (RR-838)

Really need kerning controls. When I imported Myriad Pro font the spacing on certain letters is off by a large amount. I tried making the type in Illustrator and importing it but I can 't get the letters to animate on unless I convert to outline (which looks terrible.

Leading isn't as necessary because you can make each line independent already.

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I have the same problem with some fonts. It's most obvious when the word has letter f in it like offensive.

Same here.

I too have this problem.  The uppercase Y in Arial Black and the lowercase i.  

A lot of work is currently being done to overhaul fonts for a future release. Watch this space!

If it is at all possible, what we need is both controls for tracking (overall letterspacing) and kerning. This is so important in achieving a professional level of work.

Videoscribe did have some tracking control in the past, so I imagine that must be possible to add again. 

Please. Right now many of the fonts I use need to be brought in as svg drawings.  


yeah. +1000

that typo-to-svg-to-import-to-reapply-stuff-thing costed me some serious time today....

maybe there could be a desktopversion of the program that is more complex.

YES! Please fix this. The kerning issues are really obvious on all fonts. For an app that has text at its foundation, typography should be a priority. My client is asking me to fix it and finding out there is no solution other than the unrealistic and time consuming Text>SVG workaround is disappointing. 

Apparently the amount of LIKES the topic gets is important in terms of how the Sparkol team prioritizes issues. So if you comment on a topic, make sure to LIKE it as well.

It does indeed, comments help as well but you can only add 1 like per person so gives us a good idea of the actual popularity at a glance.

+1 from me !! I provide chalkboard videos to my clients and have to spend terrible amount of time to fix my fonts. This is so needed !

LIKE from me. Spacing between words is not right; have to go back and put double spaces between many words to make it readable without squinting and concentrating.

Seems basic for a text based product! You've got a good product; please make it easier for us to use!

This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2125

and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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Delighted this issue is getting attention. It's a serious problem.  

Count me as +1 on all comments regarding fonts. Font handling is terrible in VideoScribe, ruining an otherwise really amazing program.

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