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Converting PNG file to SVG file

Hi, I have some simple line drawings I'm saving as a PNG file from PowerPoint and trying to convert them to SVG using Inkscape. I'm wondering what the best way of doing this is.  The current way I'm trying means that when I bring the converted SVG file it into Videoscribe it draws the picture about 8 times before it's done.  Any ideas? Or can anyone point me to a tutorial for this problem? I have added an example of the PNG file I'm trying to convert. Kind regards, Kate

I has this problem, but  have just purchased vector magic and now I would not be without it.


As derek said, you could try vector magic or using the automatic trace function in inkscape.

You will probably get the BEST results for a simple line drawing like that by importing your PNG into inkscape, manually tracing the lines of your PNG using the pencil or pen tool, and then deleting the png image and saving the pencil or pen lines as an SVG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Yes Mike, without spending money you can get a great result like you have said.
For me to do  it your way needs a steady hand but sadly my hands aren't steady.
The Inkscape auto method of tracing the bitmap produces reasonable quality, but not as good as your method.


Hi, I'm also trying to convert a PNG file into SVG, but in Illustrator. I just opened the file in Illustrator and saved as SVG. When I import it to Scribe, it opens, but the hand doesn't draw it, it just stays there, no drawing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


Luciana, You need to create paths on your SVG for the hand to follow. You may find our Create your own images page useful and also this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation. One of our regular customers also has a forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them draw well in the application.

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