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Importing Video scribe into iMovies

I'm making a school video using iMovies. Most of the footage will be children working in the classroom but for parts I need to use Videoscribe. Can I import my scribes from video scribe into iMovies so that my scribes appear here and there as part of the movie?

As a Pro subscriber you are able to export your scribes as MOV, FLV and WMV video files and also as PNG and JPG sequences.

iMovie allows the import of .MOV files.

It is OK for you to import videos created in VideoScribe into iMovie or other video editing applications.

Hi, thanks for the tip! But, how do I export as a .MOV ? I don't see the option. :/

Thanks a lot :)


That option only becomes available with a subscription Isabelle. You are limited to Facebook, YouTube and PowerPoint with a trial account.

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