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Importing GIF to scribe


I am trying to import to scribe that I have done in Photoshop (5). Once I upload the GIF and place it on the scribe's timeline it just displays the first image of the GIF but doesn't show its "animated" effect that I can see otherwise. Is there a  special way I should be saving the GIF in Photoshop?



GIFs won't animate in the work area.
If your GIF is an animated GIF,  you can:
1) click the image thumbnail in the timeline and then click the play button beside the thumbnail
2) play the preview of your scribe or
3) render a video
to see the animation.

You can attach your GIF here if you want someone to confirm that it is an animated GIF.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have never had this issue, just  change the properties next to the thumbnail in the time line


Hi again, itwas resolved by itself :-o

The thing was that at first videoscribe when I clicked to play after inserting and personalizing the gif settings the gif wasn't changing its frames.. I saved and reopened and it worked. 

Thanks both for the info. 


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