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Where are the old fonts?

Hi, I just updated to the new version of Videoscribe. Seems like I no longer have access to the fonts I used i previous projects (like the font Blocks). I've searched the forum for an answer I tried to import an old project with these fonts included, but when I try to edit the text, Videoscribe turns the text into the Basic font. This is driving me nuts, as all of our presentations are based on these previous fonts. Please help!

Hi Magnus,

There is now only one built in font included within VideoScribe and it is the Basic font. The other fonts haver been removed and are no longer available.

Sorry about this.

Did I miss this information when I updated, or did you just remove these fonts without telling us? Is there any way to get those fonts back, like downloading an earlier version of Videoscribe or something. As I mentioned we've chosen to rely on Videoscribe for software several e-learning productions for our customer. When we now need to make tiny changes an updates we can't do that without altering every word and animation. How can you help solve this issue? Best regards, Magnus
Version 1.3.26 still has all the original fonts but you will not be able to open scribes made or saved in a newer version.

All version 2.x.x versions can import fonts from your computer I think.

With version 2.0.3 if you import a scribe with older fonts then you can still use those fonts in the scribe I believe.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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