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Where can i sign in, and where is the Project Screen?

I'm a new user (free trial). When I go to I can't find any login button? And where can I find the Project Screen so I can get started?

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To make a scribe, you have to download the program, install the program, and run the program. Then you can login to the program and make a scribe.

You cannot make scribes on the website.

There is a Download link at the bottom of this page I believe


I've downloaded it and installed, but I can't get to the project screen.


After installing the program:

1) Run the program
2) Log in
That brings you to the projects screen.
3) Click the PLUS symbol to start a new project.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your prompt reply. I am logged into my account on another computer, is it the case that it only works on the one on which I downloaded the program?


You can use the account on multiple computers but you can only log in on one at a time.

If that does not answer your question and you are getting an error message or a specific symptom when you try to log in, you may want to include that information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I can never find the new project screen and have to ask for help each time - mainly because I rarely make videos - why cant they make it easier to start?

(The project screen is not on the website)
If you have the program installed on your computer...

1) run the program
2) login to the program
3) you are now on the projects screen. click the first thumbnail (the one with a PLUS symbol in it) to create a new project.

If you are having trouble with any of those steps, please be more specific.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


When linking with Videscribe all I get is the opening page asking me to buy now (I have an account) If I log on I still get the same message -

Cant understand why login is not much simpler as it seems I am not the only one with this problem

all it needs is a simple button to link

I think the problem is that you are still trying to access the program from this website... and you are asking for an easier way to do that... but there is NO way to do that because that is not how it is supposed to work. If you are a little fuzzy on terms such as website, browser, program, shortcut and desktop then this is going to be difficult to explain.

Here are INSTANT ANSWERS LINKS to guides explaining how to install videoscribe and how to find it and run it:

This "help forum" is a part of the WEBSITE. The website is not the same thing as the videoscribe PROGRAM and you do not open the videoscribe program from this website or from a browser window.  The website and the program are separate creatures much in the same way that a magazine ad about a car is not the same thing as an actual car even though you may have them both at your home.

If you have videoscribe installed, then you just need to double-click the shortcut (or whatever the MAC equivalent is)

(this example image shows a very generic windows desktop with the videoscribe 2 shortcut.) If you are using windows and you have that shortcut, double click it to run videoscribe.  If you don't have the shortcut then you may need to INSTALL videoscribe.

I hope that helps. if you have a computer savvy person nearby, they can probably read this thread and get you back on track pretty quickly. Otherwise you may want to call customer support during UK business hours .

Best wishes,
Mike (videoscribe user)

Find VideoScribe on your computer and open it

Once you have installed VideoScribe:

  1. Find VideoScribe in your Programs (PC) or Applications (Mac) folder
  2. Click to open
  3. Once it has loaded you will be asked to log in – use your Sparkol account login details

I just downloaded the video scribe free trial to my desktop.  I click on the icon on my desk top but it is not opening - I do not even get a message.  I am on Windows 7 - is this program not compatible with Windows 7?


if you just downloaded the file to your desktop instead of installing it, that could be the problem.



win7 is fine and you can find the rest of the videoscribe system requirements with a google search.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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