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audio time line

It will be so nice that you guys includ the audio line and wave so we can adjust aour images, 

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Yes, that is a basic element of video editing and so strange that you don't have it like GoAnimate does. However they don't let you import SVG files. So.... there it is.


It would be really useful to have a separate audio line and the possibility to insert more than one audio track instead of having to prepare a long one for the entire scribe. This would allow to modify, delete or substitute only one of them for the duration of few seconds instead of modifying the bigger track.

Would be great to have an audio timelibe where we can cut and edit our audio clips. It would be nice if VS followed a timeline format. Timing is so very important in these things, and i picked VS over AE just so I can make things faster.

But for the meantime, I'm resorting to Premier to time my audio with my VS animation+music. 

Hi Guys this is a duplicate request of which is quite popular

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