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Audio and images

actually im editing images with audio and i have to look in audition the duration of the audio so i can move the images, there is an easier way to do this?

Hi Maria,

How to record or add a voiceover in VideoScribe.

If your computer has a built-in microphone you can record directly into your scribe using the microphone icon on your canvas. In version 2 you can play your scribe as you record by ticking the 'Show scribe on record' in the 'Record voiceover' screen.

Alternatively, you can pre-record a voiceover and import it into VideoScribe as a file or via a URL (a web page address).

Pre-recording a voiceoverUse audio-editing software that will allow you to save in MP3 format. Audacity is a popular free program to use. You will also need the LAME plugin to save in MP3 formatDecide if you want to use a microphone or your computer’s built-in speaker to make your recordingUse Audacity or other software to record and then edit your voiceoverSave it as an MP3 file

To import your finished voiceover into VideoScribe:

In VideoScribe, select the microphone icon on the canvasClick the file icon (import button in version 1) and select your file. It will load automaticallyTo adjust the volume, select the voiceover icon again 

If you are interested in hiring a professional voiceover artist for your scribe, please see the Sparkol Marketplace.

How to record a professional sounding voiceover

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