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i can't run the program

 please help me,,

the program can't log in with my email adress

Do you get any error messages?

Are you using the correct login details?

Has the free trial been used on that computer before with a different account?

I paid the amount but , the program is not working ??

When I log in to my account , it was written that I have not joined the program . 

Despite the arrival of a letter and a bill on the e-mail confirming that the amount has been paid.

Will the problem be fixed? Or please return the amount.

Did you receive an emailed invoice from VideoScribe? 

If so, are you using the correct email to login? If you set a separate billing email from your account email, make sure you're using the account email. 

If you didn't get an invoice, your purchase was most likely unsuccessful. You can always raise a support ticket for further assistance. 

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