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Multiple Select (RR-788)

It would be great to do a multiple select from the canvas by holding down the shift-key and dragging the mouse over the objects, so one can reposition the objects, PLUS, do multiple edit (like changing colors or font style) on all of the objects selected.

Any other improvements to speed up creating a presentation are welcomed.

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Thought it would be worth mentioning how you can multi-select at the moment and what you can do to Multi-Selected elements at the moment as well.

From the Canvas you can use Ctrl+Click to Multi Select. You can use Ctrl+Click on the timeline too or as thats sequentual you can also you Shift+Click on the first/last image in the segment you want

Once selected you can:

  • move/resize/stretch/rotate the selected items (using the handles on the canvas)
  • cut/copy, then paste to create duplicate copies of  the selected items 
  • set or clear the camera position of the selected items
  • delete  the selected items 
  • use the 'end' and 'home' hotkeys to move the items to the end or start of the timeline (hotkeys vary on Mac, see this page for details)

Thank ytou Barry for the update ... It's been a few since I used sparkol ... I'll check this out.

Agree it would be great to be able to do more things like change common settings like timings. If you think of features you would like to be available on the above list that aren't feel free to comment and also include the reason that would be useful for your specific situation.

Thank you, Barry. Top of mind for me are batch edit of timings (animation, pause, and transition), and font colors & sizes. Another one is batch edit of animation type (draw, fade in, etc). It would also be nice to be able to click and drag on the screen to select multiple elements, instead of finding them in the bottom bar.

Example use cases:

- I wanted to make a follow-up video with the same elements from my first video present in the intro, but without the animation. I had to click each one to set all three timings (animate, pause, transition) to zero individually. As you can imagine, this took a long time and was quite fiddly.

- Say I have four different font types all over my project: small and large in two different colors. If I wanted to change one type (e.g. to a different size or color), I'd need to go in and change each element of that type individually.

Ok, all those make sense except font size as this is controlled by scaling the text boxes on the canvas which you can do vis multi-select already

How do you set multiple elements to the same size though?

Size is all relative in VideoScribe as the canvas is limitless in all directions you don't have a fixed page size to set a font or image size against. 

When you add things they are added at scale to the current zoom level (we basically use the current view as you page) so to get text all the same size just make sure the zoom level is consistant when you add it and then you can scale as a group from there. Other option, if copy/paste text boxes and change the text in the new copy to your new text as they will be copied at the same scale.

As in the above examples, I'm referring to editing multiple elements after they've been created.

Editing multiple items at once is a must have.. 

Without this feature it is very time consuming to edit all element one by one

Please, for the love of God, fix this.  It is EXCRUCIATING.

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