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Multiple Select (RR-788)

It would be great to do a multiple select from the canvas by holding down the shift-key and dragging the mouse over the objects, so one can reposition the objects, PLUS, do multiple edit (like changing colors or font style) on all of the objects selected.

Any other improvements to speed up creating a presentation are welcomed.

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Use Control and Alt together and select as many items as you want

Hi Nick...

Yes one can use the Ctrl or Alt, but I am looking to select objects quickly by dragging the mouse of the items.


I agree that we need a way to edit multiple items.

That would a big help.


Agreed. This would be a useful editing tool.

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Yeah,  I'd love to multiple change a certain property for say 15 out of 30 of my elements, all at once.

It would be nice to be able to multi-select, then: edit, move, zoom, duplicate, copy, group/ungroup, etc. elements together... you know just like virtually any other graphics design system in existence.

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