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limited hands and pens


 I just downloaded videoscribe a month ago and thinking of upgrading it to pro but as i watch your tutorial i notice that the available hands in my videoscribe only shows four...why is that??  is the hands downloadable or there is just a problem on my software if so.pls help me fix this.. i will attach a picture of it asap.. pls help me. ;(

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Hi Lorenz

Looks like your 7 dayTrial has ended.

Please log into your pro account and try to access the hands.

If you have an issue with a Pro account, please update this post after logging into it.

Hi Joe, we have the same Problem! I just downloaded videoscribe for yearly and now there are only four visible Hands and the other Icons arent loading. Why can't I choose the other Hands or pencils? The subscription is payed. What can we do? It's urgent. Thank you!

I think you meant to attach a different image.

Are you on a computer?

(if you are on an ipad you don't get all the hands/features)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


No, I'm at my PC - Windows 10. There are any problems with it?

We can't load the music, too.

have you tried resetting your modem and router and then restarting videoscribe?

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Only four hand choices-where are the other hands?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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