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do i have the correct version of sparkol

when i look and youtube videao i see an other outlook of the screen of sparkol, howcome?

please refer the attachment

You are apparently looking at the tutorial videos from version 1

You probably have version 2 so you need to look at the tutorial videos for version 2

-Mike (videoscribe user)


To find out what version of VideoScribe you are using:

Open VideoScribe
On the home screen, click either the question mark symbol in the bottom right and then click on 'About' (version 2) or the VideoScribe logo in the top left (version 1)

This will tell you the exact version number you are running.

To find out more or download a different version of VideoScribe, log in to your account.

The version that you are running will determine which tutorials are relevant to you–

How i use it....i download but not open in my cell
You cannot use videoscribe on android devices.

The android app is no longer supported.

There may be a new android app in the future.

related link:

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