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import svg files from sparkol standard bibliotheque

I cant import all the files from sparkol bibliotheque. They keep loading.

Whereas on another pc these pictures will become visable and i can

import them. Wat to do?

A lot of the images in the VideoScribe library are only available online.

Are you using both the computers on the same network?

Are you connected to the internet at all times when using the software?

Are you using VideoScribe in a place of work or school?

i'm using the computers on the same internet connection at home.

on my laptop i can import the pictures, whereas on my desktop

part of the pictures (p.e. when I import the pictures "cat")

on my desktop, the computers keeps uploading (refer doc 1)

and the pictures dont become visible.

When i try to import them i get an error (refer doc2)

my work around is working on the laptop to import scribes and

save it on a stick, quite time consuming!



There must be an application on your desktop computer that is blocking access to our servers.

Maybe you have anti virus software or firewall on the desktop that is blocking the connection?

You could try temporarily disabling anti virus to see if it works then and try the same with the firewall.

If it doesn't work, please submit a support ticket and we will be able to investigate further.

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