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Importing Own Hand


I just imported my own hand on videoscribe but unfortunately when it draws text  it moves all over the canvas and i cannot get it to write normally. The point of the pen is always where it should be but the rest of the hand moves around everywhere.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!


Possibly you used 2 hand images are too different.

You could attach your hand images here for specific feedback.
You could also attach a link to a video showing the problem if you want to be thorough.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike, thank you vey much for your answer!! 

I actually only uploaded the hand with the pen, and not the hand for moving in elements. Could that be the problem? Thanks in advance!



When you import a hand with a pen, you normally import 2 images that are slightly different (or two identical pictures). Then you align them to the crosshairs on the hand setup screen. If you don't align them properly or if the two images are too different then your hand might seem to jump around.

(You can provide a link to a video of the problem on youtube or attach a video here for more informed feedback.)

Importing a move-in hand is a separate process and is not required when importing a hand with a pen. However, the hand with a pen is meant to be used with the "draw" animation style.  if you imported a hand with a pen but you use it with the "MOVE IN" style animation then the hand will sometimes move in from the top or sides or bottom of the canvas.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


See this link for instructions: Import your own hand

Thank you very much for your answers guys! 

Unfortunately I still couldnt solve the problem.. I uploaded the hands following the instructions linked by Matthew step by step (right size, right format) and the software just doesn't work with them. I also checked the information of Mike and I don't understand why it doesn't work out..I am uploading a video of the problem, I would be very grateful if you could please give me more insights into the problem!!

Thank you very much in advance!!



When you make a custom hand you have to use two images that are nearly identical (or two copies of the same image). One image is used for the upward strokes and the other is used for the downward strokes. when videoscribe switches back and forth between the two slightly different images it simulates the appearance of a 3-dimensional hand.

Your custom hand contains one image of a right hand holding a pen and one very different image of a left hand pointing with its index finger.  That won't look right, because videoscribe needs to keep switching back and forth between the two images.

option 1) If you want to add a drawing hand, import two VERY similar "drawing hand holding a pen" images that are almost identical.

option 2) If you want to add a move-in hand, import two copies of the same "move-in" hand image. The image with the extended index finger in your video could be used as a move-in hand, but you would have to use that image for both of the images in the custom hand.

option 3) If you want a custom drawing hand AND a custom pointer or move-in hand, you have to make one custom hand for the drawing hand and a completely separate custom hand for the move-in hand.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike, thank you, that was very helpful!!  

So, if I want to use the third option you described, how would I have to upload the two images? In the "Add Own" option, I did upload two different hands, as you can see in the screenshot I am attaching . What did I do wrong - or why does the software not understand that one hand is in the move-in and one hand is for the drawing? The ugly result can be seen in the mp3 video I uploaded in my last comment. I am getting very frustrated, as I have to deliver the video for a customer at the end of the week and I cannot get the software to work as it should, so I would be very grateful for additional help!!! :( 

Thank you very much 


videoscribe's menu wording is kind of vague, and you are misunderstanding it.

if you are making a move-in hand, you import only one image of the move in hand and then you save the custom hand.

to make a drawing hand you import only two images of drawing hands, and you save the custom hand.


so delete the (left) pointing finger image from your custom hand and replace it with another drawing hand that is almost identical to the (right) drawing hand image.

hope that helps.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you so much!!!

It worked now. Thanks for the amazing support!


I tried to add my own hand. It did not work. 

  1. It worked but not good. I uploaded the same image for both side. It worked. The only thing bothered me was that the hand is very big and my arm is not showed. 
  2. So I tried to make my image smaller (scale pixels) to see it works or not. This time, I cannot see anything in the "align the hand". That is I cannot adjust the position of the point of drawing. I suppose it is because the software does not show the whole hand (position) but actually it is there (since for the first image which worked, in the beginning, I cannot see the image at all until I tried to move it many time (the image is out site of the picture).
Please let me know how to solve this problem?

So how can I see the image during  the "align the hand" window? I am not sure what size of the image is the best either? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Please could you share the hand image files with us - the originals that were too big and the ones you have edited to make smaller? If you do not wish to share the images on the public forum, please submit a support ticket.

Hi finally I can adjust it (by moving in many times and tried many different directions). The problem is that I cannot see the photo on "align the hand" window. (Ps, I used photoshop to  removed the photo background. The hand is in the center; therefore, the is a big area that is transparent. I think there should provide zoom function. I attached the image of the screen first. If you need furthre info, let me know. 


Could you please open a support ticket and reference this forum post.

Also could attach the hand file you have created to the support ticket. Thanks.

OK, the ticket created :#9437 Importing Own Hand: cannot adjust position

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