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changing scenes

 I am using VideoScribe trial for the first time.  My video has six scenes.  For some reason, after the fifth scene is displayed, the program then displays the SECOND scene instead of the sixth scene.

I have watched the instructional videos several times and evidently I still cannot grasp the concept of the canvas, zooming, and scene transitioning.

Is there any way to fix this?  And is there any more detailed documentation on how to create a slide show with many scenes?  I seem to have run out of room on the canvas and don't have a clue how to correct that, either.

(Also, one of the YouTube links on changing scene positioning is broken, and comes up "not available".)

Jerry Hilgenberg


link to videoscribe V2 tutorials and PDF in the Instant Answers page:

tutorial 2 covers camera setting, and zoom etc. (other videos might also touch on camera settings)

link to Sparkol's youtube page:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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