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Kerning / Letter Spacing Issue

It seems VideoScribe creates a standard spacing between letters which does not confirm to kerning etc of the actual font.

I noticed you had someone raise this issue about 9 mths ago, so really hoping there is now a solution.


Michael :)

Best Answer

The newest version of VideoScribe, 3.6, has been released with a new Google font system. Kerning has now been fixed in this version :) 

See the release notes for version 3.6 here. 

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Thanks Michael,

This is something that our development team have on the radar but I am not sure that it is one of the top priorities at the moment. I have asked the dev team for an update on the development status of this feature and will report back when I get a response.

Hi Matthew, I need to chime in here. For an app that has type as one of the main building blocks as its foundation, you would think typography would be a priority. I am running into the same problem as well, and my client is asking me to fix. I checked the font in Illustrator, and it is not leaving unnatural gaps in places like VideoScribe. I am forced to manually put spaces between letters, and even that isn't totally doing it. It looks awkward and, to some, illegible as letters join other adjacent words instead of where they belong. Please help.

Thanks Jeff, I have relayed your comments to the development team.

Until this is implemented a possible workaround is to create the text as an SVG image.

The best way is to create the text in Inkscape. Using the text tool in Inkscape, type or paste the text into a text box.

Then export the text as a bitmap, by selecting File -> Export Bitmap...

I use the following settings when exporting PNG 145 dpi (dots per inch) - the higher the DPI the better the image quality.

Delete the text you have just put into Inkscape and import the Bitmap image back into Inkscape, that you just exported by selecting File -> Import... and select Embed.

When you have the image on the canvas use the Pencil tool  to roughly trace over the letters of the text in the same way you would if you were writing it.

Then select all the Pencil strokes  that you just created and select Path -> Simplify from the menu.

Once you have done this, with the paths still selected, double click on the word 'Different' next to Fill: 

And set the fill to No paint

Double click on the word Different next to 'Stroke:' and increase the stroke width value so the text image is covered.

Then set the stroke paint to have an Alpha value of zero so it is invisible.

Save the SVG and import into VideoScribe.

And repeat the above process for every frame that contains text?  This would be funny if you weren't serious. 

I'll add my voice to this plea for kerning control. In fact, I've tried to launch the previous version of Videoscribe, even though it was slower and clunkier, because at least it did have some kerning control. (I could not get it to launch). I'm quite sure type control is a very, very high priority for every one of the professional designers working with this application. I can say that without any hesitation.  So please, move kerning up on your to do list. 

Thank you!

Kerning problem is so terrible. Seriously limits the use of VideoScribe for any professional application.

Guys, there is a feature request forum for this. The more likes that gets the more attention our product and development teams will give to it.

I have to agree with David Price and others in this thread: Kerning issue is a BIG DEAL. A client just rejected a video delivery because the font handling doesn't meet their brand standards. And I'm sorry, but creating every block of text in a separate tool and exporting as a graphic then re-importing creates a ton of extra work (read: time = $$$) -- and then when text changes, you have to do it all over again. The lower case i's get cut in half vertically in some instances ... there are big gaps between letters in others. A font as ubiquitous as Arial shouldn't present such obvious issues.

(If it is important to you, go to the link Barry provided and "LIKE" the feature request)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


not impressed in just the first 30 minutes with this program

typography ( or rather lack of it ) marks anyone using this program as a SLOPPY RANK AMATEUR unworthy of a consumers attention or money. would you pay 125 or more for a product advertised with kindergarten font layout... doubt it...

why should we be expected to WORK AROUND such a critical issue yet pay full price month after month with no sign of a fix in sight.

I've found a better work around. It's called any other video creation software on the market. This issue was brought up originally way over a year ago, and VideoScribe has not fixed it. phffft!

Thanks, Mike. And do you really think that will have any affect? This issue has gotten no attention from VideoScribe yet, even with all the complaints on the "suggestion thread mentioned above". I think 18 months is enough time to conclude they don't plan on addressing this issue. But thanks for playing.

Hello All, just to address this from our side... 

At the moment the Kerning feature request is the 8th most popular topic. But just 4 more votes would see it jump up to 6th and 6 votes more would see it hit the top 5. So your vote does count!

Every time we sit down and assess the possible feature requests that need attention the the league table is there and reviewed. It doesn't dictate the way we develop the software by any means but it does go a long way to influencing the decisions made by the product owners and development team. We also consider a whole host of things which also includes the direction we want the product to move, development effort needed, other new products we may be working on behind the scenes and also what bugs we have out there as we try to make sure each release has a balance of fixes and new features. 

Hope that helps clarify how we work and what impact your opinions have. Like everything we do we try to find a balance between customer opinion and our own ideas and direction for the full product suite. Believe me though if we had decided not to implement this we would have marked it as 'Not Taken' as we have with the popular hyperlink request and given you are reasons for that decision. 

I agree with a lot of the comments above. I am at the point where I must cancel my subscription as clients are flagging the kerning issues and I look unprofessional when I tell them there is nothing I can do, it is stopping me from using the software and finding alternatives so is proving to be unused and a waste of money to my firm. 


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