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Low resolution PNGs - JPGs


Im trying to make a video which uses PNGs and JPGs of images and make zoom in certain parts. 

I've exported them with good resolution (3000x2000 for example) form Adobe Illustrator but when I import and place them in the Videoscribe whiteboard canvas they seem that it gets crappy quality.

I've attached the original file "hoja-a4.png" and a screenshot of Videoscribe whiteboard with the image placed.

Please, I have to finish this tomorrow :S

This might help:

1) scale your original image to a specific width like 1500 or 1000 pixels and save a new copy.
2) set your videoscribe import quality setting to the same number (1500 or 1000) also.
3) import your image.

higher image quality settings result in more memory usage, so you may want to start with a setting no higher than 1000. after importing your large image, you can always close your scribe and change the setting back to its previous number and then continue with your scribe if you wish.

changing the image quality setting:

--Mike (videoscribe user)

In version 1.3.26 you could set the quality setting on each image you imported and it was a much better system.


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