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Timeline limit

Is there a limit of a video or presentation?

I don't think there is any limit to video length or number of elements.

I've made scribes 12-15 minutes long with no problems. Longer ones are probably possible, but the more elements and camera settings you add, the more careful you have to be.

If you use huge image files or extreme zooming it is possible to max out videoscribe's memory limit (about 1.7 GB I think) and cause problems.

Tips for avoiding problems

-Mike(videoscribe user)


i have a problem rendering my video as a Power Point version, it doesnt go anywere when the bar is completed and i push the save button, it says that it is saved as 'all file extention"

Please click the link I provided in my previous reply, and read the tips.
Tip 1 is probably the easiest and fastest thing to try.

Tip 7 is to save your work file online and tell support the name of it if you want them to try to identify the problem.

You could also export your work as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want feedback from the community.

you can also check the instant answers section or use the search bar on this page to search for related threads about this topic.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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