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getting images to leave the screen for the rest of the film

I put an in the in the timeline, but when it's time is up, it doesn't leave, it keeps showing up under stuff. I started importing blank white images to cover the old stuff but that seems quite a clunky way to do it. How do you get stuff to leave when you need it to?

You can drag the canvas and place the next image on a blank part. To do this, click and drag on a blank part of the canvas. The current images will move to the side and you can add more. I have attached a video here that illustrates this.

I would also recommend watching the video tutorials.

Learn how to navigate the key features of VideoScribe version 2 and create your first scribe.

*Please note, on your Free trial you will only be able to save a video as a PPTX file, to Youtube or Facebook.

Getting started – introduction to VideoScribe (00:11)

Adding elements – using library images and text (01:59)

Saving your project – save and export options (10:08)

Adding audio tracks – voiceovers and soundtracks (13:53)

Publishing your scribe – creating and sharing video files (18:00)


Worksheet tutorial 1 (PDF)

All tutorial worksheets (PDF)


Example scribe video

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