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Really basic question about the "marker" pen...

Is the standard black marker pen available as an option WITHOUT a hand?

My client wants the hand removed as they find it too distracting, and I cannot see a vanilla marker.

I may have just missed it though!



These are the currently available pens:

Are there any here that you do not see when you search the pen folder?

Thanks. I see all of those, but there is no marker that matches the "default" marker, that I can use without the hand. That's a surprise...

Any danger you guys/gals could put one in?



Our pen photographer is on holiday at the moment but I will ask if they still have the pen and if they can take a shot of it when they get back.

Great :)

I want that job...

"Hi...what do you do?"

"I am a pen photographer"


Any news on this? I too would like a black marker pen with no hand. Bullet tip if possible! This will affect my decision to go beyond the trial version.


It's not in there yet but I have formally re-raised this with the product owner to try and get it in soon. In the meantime it is possible to create and import your own hand/pen if there is something specific you need.

Thanks Barry.  It seems I can't import just a pen image?  Even if I could, I can't find a decent one anywhere.

Jan, you would need to remove the background and save it with a transparent background once you had just the pen on the screen. If you google image something like 'Black Sharpie Lid Off' there are a few options, they would need rotating to the correct angle but that would be possible when taking the background out.

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