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Feature Request: Action and Title Safe Overlays for 16:9 and 4:3

I was surprised when I started using VideoScribe that it didn't have an Action or Title Safe Overlay. This would be a priceless addition any VideoScribe project for obvious reasons.

Action Safe is 5% and Title Safe is 10% for NTSC or PAL, in either SD or HD.


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I agree!!!! I just had a client tell me I should do this because it took him a lot of extra time to integrate my animations into their final video. I am new to Videoscribe and videos in general and didn't know this was an issue.

They are as big an issue as margins are to print/web graphic design...

I completely agree that title safe would be a fantastic feature. It would save countless hours trying to make a scribe work for broadcast. Please add this if at all possible. Thank you

This is a good idea and goes well with our new Rules & Guides feature. I will log it with the development team to be considered for the development road map, thanks for the great feedback!

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