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Feature Request: Additional Text Box Control

I keep running into issues when I'm trying to place to bodies of text next to each other, that appear the same size. I can Copy and Paste the first Text Box and replace the text in the new version. However, if the second body of text includes more text than the first and I try to resize the Text Box, the entire text resizes to the fit the Text Box.

Some ideas to resolve this issue could be:

  • Allow the user to have the option to resize the Text Box without resizing the text
  • Allow the user to click and drag to create a Text Box, then place text in it

Another request would be having the ability to change the color of a specific word or words within a Text Box.

My apologies if there's already a way to do this, but I couldn't find one.


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Thanks for the suggestions. They will be passed on to the dev team.

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