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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

I'm new to VideoScribe and unless I overlooked something I can't seem to find a way to fade an object in or out. This would be useful in transitioning between a slight variation of the same scene.

Random Example:

1. Scene has a blackboard, with apple on ledge

2. Apple "disappears" and a mango appears in its place

I know it can be done using Morph. But what if you just wanted a clean fade?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for the idea. This will be considered by our development team for inclusion in a future release.

Yes, fades and dissolves are must-haves for any video

I agree. It's a feature on Powerpoint. It's a must.

Haven't tried this yet but could you morph to a blank image or an image with the same color as the background?

It does seem to  me that basic needs such as this are left out of the features and yet less desired facilities are implemented such as the added images which can be purchased. Why is there no priority on what we need such  as fading ?  Maybe its because the images can be purchased making more money for VS ? Where as the fade  option you  aren't aware of until you have purchased VS !


I'm currently working on a project where fading in would be very helpful. Would love to see it in the next update.

Up to now, i have to create the whole movie, and add some fadings in an external video editing software. This can be an additional checkbutton (with time imput) for single objects AND for the whole scribe. Additional features: Select to use it at start or end, and fade to selected color or to transparency.

Good idea. The current morph method looks a bit clunky, and doesn't match the rest of the drawing features. Add a fade option, and also perhaps also a recolour option to match the image to the background (so it effectively becomes invisible)

This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2572 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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I somehow managed to create fade in and fade out effect within Videoscribe by using "opacity" feature and layering my image on each other. You can see my video here: But as you can see, that wasn't so smooth my client wanted this effect specifically in Videoscribe so I tried this for him. +1 for this feature ! Beacuse this is much needed in the program itself. Thanks.

Hi there! I agree that this feature is a must. Any feedback on when this feature can be added?

No updates yet I'm afraid. 

As soon as we have some worthwhile info on this request, we'll be able to provide an update for you all.

Great idea. I was looking to do this today. That would be a great add for a commonly used tool.

5 months and still no update. I need as well fade in and out. It is a basic feature...

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