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how to set background ?

Is it possible to set the background from external image & how to do that ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Samuel, this is possible,

I had a similar question previously on This Post.

If you have an image that you can import in and use as the background (by stretching it over the canvas area you have used).

If you you then move this item to the beginning of the timeline and and set all the timings to 0 this will give you the desired background.

Thanks Joe. 

One more question. Can it be applied for video background? I see a software called explaindio has a feature to put a video as the background.

You can overlay a scribe video onto another video by exporting the scribe as a PNG sequence and using video editing software. The technique is described in the article entitled 'How to overlay video with hand-drawn animation' on our blog.

I'm comparing videoscribe with explaindio. I think videoscribe is better in the drawing but I unfortunately I can't test how easy to create presentation with video background because it's not allowed to export file in trial version. Do you have a sample of a png sequence file so that I can try it using the technique?


What dimensions should I create the image in order to cover the canvas perfectly? I just tried dragging it to fit and played with the zoom function but it looked sloppy.

When you import an image it is scaled depending on the zoom level you have so will always come in smaller than the full screen. But if you get a image or the right proportions this will scale back up to the right size if you drag to fit. So I just brought in a widescreen desktop background of 1920x1200 and that scaled up perfectly so anything with that ratio should work fine.

Hi! I'm wondering the sane thing! Is it possible to whiteboard on top of my own video file like Explaindio offers? This feature is crucial and I need a yes or no answer, an example.l as a support video explaining the process. Thank you!

See the blog article How to overlay video with hand-drawn animation for instructions on how to do this (only possible if you have a Pro subscription as you need to render your scribe as a PNG sequence).

how can i add another background in videoscribe

Be sure to check the first reply above for the answer to that question.

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